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R3 AMC Introduces Val-Insure™ Program for Appraisal Bias Claims

HENDERSON, Nev. –Mar. 17, 2023 a full-service Appraisal Management Company (AMC) focused on helping lenders efficiently navigate the appraisal process, announced today the introduction of R3 Concierge Services, a suite of valuation marketing tools designed to strengthen existing loan officer and real estate agent relationships while creating opportunities for new referral sources. 

“Let’s face it, in this market, every relationship and transactions critical,” said Brent Jones, CEO, and Chief Appraiser at R3. “Our Concierge Services is a front-to-back solution that includes qualified buyer leads through the HomeScout Vida app, pre-listing support, transaction troubleshooting, post-close marketing, and social media/educational content. And yes, it is all compliant with AIR/Dodd-Frank.”


These tools will also proactively facilitate the Fannie MaeModernization Initiatives being launched on April 15th, 2023, andare designed to address the biggest unintended consequence of modernization: complaintsof low appraisals when the appraiser never sets foot in the house.  


R3 AMC was conceived as a unique appraisal management company –one that could help loan officers secure more business from their referralpartners by being a trusted appraisal resource for real estate agents. Last month, it launched Val-Insure™*, anoperations solution that mitigates the risk of bias claims and repurchases byproviding a combination of bias training and enhanced errors & omissions(E&O) insurance.


“With the addition of R3 Concierge for loan production, we nowhave a complete offering for our lenders. We will continue to provide compliant,high-touch AMC services while R3 Concierge helps us further establish ourselvesas a multi-faceted AMC, with AIR compliance and REALTOR® marketing as our mainareas of expertise,” Jones added.


About R3 AMC

R3 AMC is a full-service appraisal management company that has been providing lenders access to high-quality appraisal management and compliance since 2015. With a team of experienced professionals, R3 AMC is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients and helping them navigate the appraisal process with ease and efficiency.


About Bias Training Systems

BiasTraining Systems, LLC was formed to address the need for practical, concise, and consistent appraiser and loan officer bias training.


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