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Looking to improve appraisal turn times, mitigate risk, and protect against appraisal bias and discrimination? R3 AMC can help. R3 is a full-service appraisal management company focused on helping lenders navigate the appraisal process quickly and efficiently for greater peace of mind. As an appraiser-owned and operated AMC, we attract the best appraisers in the industry. Both our appraisers and our processes are focused on delivering accurate, unbiased appraisals to help you grow your business.

Who is R3 AMC?

Founded by an appraiser with over 30 years of experience, R3 AMC services lenders and appraisers with a full suite of industry-leading solutions.

Our Programs:

Bias Training Systems

Our Bias Training Systems program provides much needed education for lenders and appraisers to eliminate conscious and unconscious racial and ethnic bias in real estate transactions.

AMC Concierge Service

Our AMC Concierge Service helps loan officers secure more business from their referral partners by being a trusted appraisal resource to real estate agents.

R3 AMC is licensed in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and New Mexico (pending).
National AMC Partnerships offer full U.S coverage.

Brent Jones

R3 AMC – Built and Owned by a Seasoned Appraiser

“I created R3 to be an AMC that lenders actually want to work with –
and one that I actually want to work for.”

- Brent Jones CEO/Chief Appraiser



Appraisal Review

Automated and human quality control for bias key word detection

Bias Education

Annual training

Bias Concern Hotline

Loan officer and appraiser advisory services

Eliminate Appraisal Bias with Bias Training Systems

R3’s subsidiary, Bias Training Systems LLC, aims to eliminate the risk of bias in appraisals for lenders and appraisers while cultivating public trust. We accomplish this by offering comprehensive training and providing immediate QC feedback loops that reinforce appraisal best practices.

Generate More Referral Business with Compliant REALTOR® Education & Marketing Support from R3 Concierge

R3 Concierge is the premiere recruiting and REALTOR marketing program that provides business-generating services to help lenders build relationships with REALTOR business partners. With over 30 years of experience in the appraisal industry, we know how to help grow your business. Check out this video to find out more!

How can R3 Concierge Assist You?

REALTOR® Outreach

We erase reputational risk of “an appraiser never even showed up”

Agent University

Youtube content for loan officers


We take the lead on value issue communications

Responsive Support/Phone a Friend

We will get directly involved with agents as needed - call us with questions.

HomeScout™ Vida App

Proprietary qualified buyer lead generation

Rescue Deals

We can quickly analyze and advise on value issues

Reconsideration Of Value (ROV) Process

We review discrepancies, solicit agent research, and help agents increase their odds

Pre-Listing Appraisals

Ensure the property value is accurate before listing

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Meet Our Expert Management Team

With decades of combined experience in the appraisal industry, our team is uniquely capable of providing industry-leading AMC solutions.

Brent Jones
Brent Jones
CEO/Chief Appraiser

R3 Appraisal Management was founded by Brent Jones, a former senior analyst for the Western US for Fannie Mae, and a practicing appraiser for over 30 years. Brent has a wealth of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the risks and challenges facing appraisers today.

Harry Schmalz
Harry Schmalz
Co-Chief Appraiser

Harry Schmalz has 25 years of experience and owned/operated his own appraisal business. Harry’s boots-on-the-ground background in dealing with AMCs allows us to create the simplest appraiser experience without sacrificing appraisal quality. Harry’s experience with FHA, Fannie Mae, and different investor guidelines gives us a keen understanding from the practitioner’s viewpoint.

Gabriela Johnson
Gabriela Johnson
Account Management

Gabby serves as our accounts manager and brings many years of liason experience to that role.

Terrie Gandy
Terrie Gandy
Operations Manager

Terrie brings over 30 years of appraisal company ownership and appraisal management experience to make good on our goal of total client satisfaction.